UtiCAR … Because we are UtiCANs!

Help us ARTify the UtiCAR!

The UtiCAR is on its way…getting carried away is part of the process!

UtiCAR is making its way through the Mohawk Valley and while on its journey being transformed by the hands of local makers. At ignition just an idea and a blank slate, the UtiCAR’s first upgrade was a stealthy matte-black finish by our friends at BOCES where Frank Frazzitta, Autobody Repair Instructor, helped us out with the paint work. Next, we took a drive out to Frankfort for some strategic planning with the crew at Steve’s Restorations & Hot Rods. Currently, the UtiCAR is getting some seriously custom treatment at Sculpture Space. As the process gains momentum, the UtiCAR project is becoming a truly unique piece of making.

The best part is that YOU can help us ARTify the UtiCAR! The UtiCAR project is about making a collaborative effort. That’s also the idea behind the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire!

Celebrating what each active artist, entrepreneur, social enterprise, university group, community project, and garage start up idea adds to this diverse collective culture of makers in the Mohawk Valley region.

Be a part of this project;  artify, decorate, tool around, and add your piece of Utica flair at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire, Saturday April 16th.

A look at the UtiCAR in the making…

Riding dirtyriding dirty.. to so fresh and so clean ⇑

This is a collaborative effort. One of our supporters, Stacey Smith, wrote:

“The car is supposed to be a symbol within our community to promote things like making, the arts, collaboration, the beauty of process, and it is supposed to encourage the people of Utica to think big, think opportunity. The UtiCAR, Because we are UtiCAN *drives* this notion of possibilities (pun-intended). It starts with a blank slate vehicle and transforms into a collaborative piece of ever-evolving art & effort that showcases what we CAN do in our community.”

The car will rotate from charity venue to venue around Utica over time so it will continue to morph, evolve, and change.

Looking at it
UtiCAR eases the brakes at Steve’s Restorations & Hot Rods

Group Shot

Planning team ⇑

Group Shot 3

UtiCAR is in the hands of a master on faire day. Steve Hale ⇑ of Steve’s Restorations & Hot Rods is leading the team in charge of overseeing UtiCAR creative operations.


⇑ Wylee, American Restoration star and Shop Manager.
Working under
Next stop, UtiCAR rolls up to our supporting partners at  Sculpture Space

Art Car MA

Artist Marc-Anthony Polizzi, delivers custom sculpture work and all around gets-things-done with George Hendrickson at Sculpture Space.

carried away

That’s the maker spirit! ⇑

UtiCAR … Because we are UtiCANs!

Destination: SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Event: Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire

Date: Saturday, April 16th NOON-4PM

Tickets: Register HERE Free Tickets!

Artify uticar

Three Ways to Participate!

Get hands on and ARTify the UtiCAR at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire. Whether you’re a casual maker or a master craftsman, we want you to contribute a creative edge to this symbolic piece of mobile art.

There will be  three streams of interaction possible for participants:

  • Light Detailing: use chalk to create designs on the black surface. Leave your mark, give your positive message, share your creative design.
  • Medium Making: paint pre-cut appliques, screw, rivet, get tangible, make your addition.
  • Heavy Transformations: work with master craftspeople at the site to learn how to cut, shape, and apply more complex forms to the car.


Special, yet incomplete thanks to:

Auto Finishers Supply Co.


Ron Marson of Praxair Distribution, Howard Potter of A and P Master Images and Gary Puleo, of Utica Glass Company.

Meet the Maker: Matt VanSlyke (Utica Bike Rescue)

The mission of Utica Bike Rescue is to promote bicycling as an affordable, effective, sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. Utica Bike Rescue provides refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community in a variety of ways, focusing on children, students and lower-income households.

 Check out their newest bike trailer prototype and help put it together at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire!

Saturday April 16th NOON-4PM @SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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Special thanks to Ryan Miller at ThINCubator for production.

Meet the Makers: Mike Ballman and Cathy Marsh (Oneida Square Public Art and Design)

The idea behind Oneida Square Project Public Art and Design’s mosaic artwork is the piecing together of things that are broken in order to create something whole, something beautiful. This social enterprise restores hope in the community by creating jobs for those with significant barriers to employment. In turn, Oneida Square Project artists give back to their neighborhoods by creating art that celebrates the culture and history of the area. Their mosaic trashcans are featured  in neighborhoods in the city of Utica.

Contribute to the next great mosaic piece at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire!

Saturday April 16th NOON-4PM @SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Special thanks to Ryan Miller at ThINCubator for production. You rock.

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We’re less than 2 weeks away and it’s getting exciting!


Congrats Newly Accepted Makers!

Today is the deadline for our Call For Makers!

Submit your idea now to exhibit a maker project in the inaugural Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire!
Saturday, April 16th @ SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Our Mini Maker Faire event is growing! We welcome our newly accepted makers and can’t wait to see the diverse celebration of talent and fascinating, interactive presentations.

Utica Bike Rescue Trailer Project

The mission of Utica Bike Rescue is to promote bicycling as an affordable, effective, sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. Utica Bike Rescue provides refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community in a variety of ways, focusing on children, students and lower-income households. Working with two current and one former SUNY Polytechnic Students we are designing a new Low-cost Foldable cargo cart for bicycles.

Perios – The Elemental Quest

Perios – The Elemental Quest is a unique concept game and stories series developed to enjoy and teach children age 5 and up the basic building blocks of chemistry. Perios are unique fictional characters based on the elements in the Periodic Table.The object of the first Perios game is to explore Perioland, catch the Perios and bring them home. Players begin to learn about the Periodic Table while playing the game.


SUNY Poly Baja

SUNY Poly Baja is a student run club geared toward a hands on experience for students in the engineering field. Information that is learned in a classroom setting is applied to simulate real world design, innovation, and problem solving. The club builds a mini buggy car capable of competing with hundreds of schools across the country in multiple events which test the car’s mechanical abilities.



The Geodesic Dome was given to the world by R. Buckminster Fuller over 50 years ago. Science teacher Natalie Williams intends to revitalize the concept of Geodesics through education workshops and construction camps. Geodesic Structures – domes ( hemispheres) and spheres ( soccer ball ) are made up of hexagons and pentagons; these open span structures are remarkably light and strong. Come and help construct a dome or a sphere at the SUNY Poly Maker Faire; all materials will be provided.  modified_hub_2_assembled_preview_featured copy – Thingiverse.com

Young Scholars of Utica Internet of Things Prototypes

A series of electronic devices designed to use the Internet of Things to enhance daily life.


Play Dough Palooza!

Whitesboro’s Dunham Public Library has five different recipes for play dough, using household ingredients that may surprise you! Play with our sample dough, then take the recipe to make your favorite at home. Fun for kids and adults alike.

SUNY Poly Students & 3D Printing Simple Assistive Devices

3D printing simple assistive technology devices

Make-A-Dance: Art Yoga Cat

4 dancers from Mohawk Valley area schools will respond to audience prompts to create a dance. Exploring phrases and dynamics of time, space, shape and energy.


Technical Fleebag Project

Local technical DIYer with interests in custom circuits/PCB etching, using/building/designing RepRap printers, and open source software.

Gamification of Renewable Energy Technology Education

The project goal was to build a functioning gamified educational application in HTML5. The game titled “Green Home Energy Builder”, is a two dimensional life simulation game that teaches people how to build an energy efficient home using wind turbines and solar panels. As the project’s sole student designer, I used methodologies and industry frameworks for gamification and applied them to the project space.

Does Your Light Turn On?

“Does Your Light Turn On?” is a hands on do it yourself (DIY) project which challenges the participant to energize a light-emitting diode (LED) by using a potato as a battery source. This project encourages the participant to learn the basic of electricity by making a battery and a series circuit .

Float a STEAMboat: Fun For All Ages

SUNY Poly’s IDS 220 Creativity and Culture class offers an interactive exhibit and activity for MakerFaire attendees of all ages, inviting your consideration of scientific, technological/engineering, artistic/aesthetic, and mathematical aspects in a hands-on challenge: building miniature boats out of recyclables/upcyclable objects. Please join us in one or more activities—you can: brainstorm and “rapidly visualize” (sketch and otherwise illustrate in two dimensions) ideas for boats; build 3D prototypes; enter your boat(s) into various challenges (heaviest weight supported; longest flotation time; aesthetically pleasing; innovative/creative design, etc.; divisions for children and adult participants); exhibit your 2D and 3D creations, and participate in interactive critique and reflection on your own and others’ creative processes. We will hold two challenge/critique sessions, at 2pm and 3:30pm respectively, and will exhibit participants’ 2D and 3D works on either the wall behind our tables (indoor option) or on a clothesline setup (outdoor option).

Lilo Life

Lilo Life is a social product company that’s leveraging an Air Force Research Lab patent to launch a researcher’s invention into the commercial market. The patent is for a gravity-fed inverted water bottle that brings a new angle to hydration… Literally. Lilo Life is currently wrapping up the exciting process of designing & prototyping and has plenty of other exciting inventions in mind for Lilo Life’s future! #LaunchLilo 



SUNY Poly supports all four FIRST robotics programs, serving K12 students with hands-on STEM challenges and explorations. SUNY Poly Office of Continuing Professional Education hosts Expos and Tournaments, Summer Camps and professional development in FIRST LEGO League Jr, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition. Student teams volunteer to assist new learners; adult coaches and mentors provide guidance and resources to enable self-directed STEM learning.

Making Blogs and Websites Using WordPress

Want to make a blog or website? You don’t need to know how to code! Just use the open-source content management system that beginners and pros alike use to create well-designed and great-looking sites.

Network and Computer Security Demos

Students of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute Network and Computer Security club would like to present some of our projects that we’ve done over the past years. There will be a large variety of demos from lock picking, to wifi-hacking.

*More surprises to come!
Join us at the 1st ever Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire; a celebration of the creativity, ingenuity, and diversity of makers throughout the Mohawk Valley region!
Our shared goal is to spread the maker ethos and help to cultivate a sustainable maker culture that can contribute to the continuing revitalization of our communities.

 We invite you to join us in this mission.

Saturday, April 16, 2016 NOON -4PM
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica Campus

Top Secret Maker Project

What’s our mystery Mohawk Mini Maker Faire collaboration project? It’s industrial, artistic, hands on, and will be seen cruising the streets of Utica soon!
Stay tuned to find out what we’re working on..
No, this is not my new luxury ride 🙂 ⇑

We’ll keep you updated on social media this coming week, it’s really an exciting project! Join us at the 1st ever Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire, Saturday, April 16th!

Welcome Mohawk Valley Makers!

The Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire Team is proud to present the first wave of talented makers accepted to our Inaugural event, Saturday, April 16th!

Are you a Maker? Have a great idea? Fill out our Call For Makers!

Congratulations Mohawk Valley Makers! Excitedly anticipating your innovative exhibits..

RoboSpartans FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team #4082


Nautilus Project




The Guild of Thespian Puppets


The Utica Public Library


Toothpick World


The Oneida Indian Nation


Wood Duck Cedar Strip Deck Kayak Project

Wood Duck


Free Poems on Demand

Telestereoscope Project

Inspirational Donation Box Project

Poly Platform Parkour

Lampworking/Flameworking Project

SUNY Poly Brewers Club

SUNY Poly Game Design Club

More to Come…!

Join us April 16th at the SUNY Polytechnic Utica Campus!


Varick St. ‘Washer Trash Can’ Project

Local artist/sculptor/ maker Marc-Anthony Polizzi of Sculpture Space, tells us about his latest community project and his plans to exhibit at Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire..

Tell us about this project!

About a year or so ago the city started organizing neighborhood districts in an attempt to create a cohesive voice for the revitalization program. The brewery district which is the Varick Street area where Sculpture Space is located, decided they wanted to clean up the neighborhood as one of their initiatives. Myself and a few other artists are working with them to design different artistic ways of collecting trash so it’s not just an old metal cylinder on the corner.
After about 6 months of negotiating and drawing they ended up commissioning a series of these ‘washer trash cans’ to be put up and down Varick Street. Ideally to both help make the place look a little more interesting, but also to keep people from just throwing stuff on the ground.This was the solution; it’s been super fun so far. Ideally they will be installed as soon as it starts thawing.

Polizzi working with smaller scale fire ⇓



What will you exhibit at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire?

I’m hoping to be able to bring in the washer design and connection to teach people basic metal working and general fabrication skills. Working with metal, there’s a lot of sparks but as long as you’re smart with what you’re doing its very safe, its very user friendly. It’s kind of like hot gluing for adults!- Marc-Anthony Polizzi