Making the Gold Dome!

The creative contribution from our community and support for the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire is truly impressive.

Thanks to the Proctor High School sculpture students & teacher/Proctor Fine Arts Chairperson, Albert Shaw.

We’re  reconstructing another Utica landmark, a feature of the city skyline, the Gold Dome comes to Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire! Gold_Dome_Bank_09_A_BP

The M&T Bank building, formerly Savings Bank of Utica, has long been a recognizable landmark in Downtown Utica with its 23-karat gold leaf covered dome, Utica, N.Y

Proctor High School students in Albert Shaw’s sculpture class create the Gold Dome Sculpture,

“Using an extra large yoga ball, plaster craft, and cardboard forms that the students made, these student created a replica of the Utica Gold Dome Bank.  From that point, Steve Hale picked the dome up and next in the process is fiber-glassing the inside and outside of the dome to water proof this sculpture. Lastly it will be painted, and attach to car.” – Shaw

A quick look at some other projects these students are working on..

Proctor 1

Steve Hale inspects sculpture in progress, soon to turn Gold!

Proctor 5

The Gold Dome on its way to Steve’s Restorations & Hot Rods for a fiberglass finish and gold paint treatment.

Steves sign 1

ARTify the UtiCAR at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire!

Saturday, April 16 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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