Varick St. ‘Washer Trash Can’ Project

Local artist/sculptor/ maker Marc-Anthony Polizzi of Sculpture Space, tells us about his latest community project and his plans to exhibit at Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire..

Tell us about this project!

About a year or so ago the city started organizing neighborhood districts in an attempt to create a cohesive voice for the revitalization program. The brewery district which is the Varick Street area where Sculpture Space is located, decided they wanted to clean up the neighborhood as one of their initiatives. Myself and a few other artists are working with them to design different artistic ways of collecting trash so it’s not just an old metal cylinder on the corner.
After about 6 months of negotiating and drawing they ended up commissioning a series of these ‘washer trash cans’ to be put up and down Varick Street. Ideally to both help make the place look a little more interesting, but also to keep people from just throwing stuff on the ground.This was the solution; it’s been super fun so far. Ideally they will be installed as soon as it starts thawing.

Polizzi working with smaller scale fire ⇓



What will you exhibit at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire?

I’m hoping to be able to bring in the washer design and connection to teach people basic metal working and general fabrication skills. Working with metal, there’s a lot of sparks but as long as you’re smart with what you’re doing its very safe, its very user friendly. It’s kind of like hot gluing for adults!- Marc-Anthony Polizzi


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