Community Spotlight: Sculpture Space

A special thanks to our supporting partners at Sculpture Space for giving us a grand tour!


⇑ Marc-Anthony Polizzi Monochromatic Installations

We had a blast checking out the creative projects that resident artists are working on at the Sculpture Space studio. Can’t wait to see what will be exhibited at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire, Saturday, April 16th. Our team even got a sneak peak at functional sculpture pieces to be featured in frequented neighborhoods in the city of Utica!

We met with accomplished artist/sculptor/visionary  Marc-Anthony Polizzi who walked us through his installation work with found objects, ‘a process of reconstruction and unification to examine the domesticated chaos of the post consumer world.’ His overview of work delivered as a balance between down to earth insights on resourcefulness and fascinatingly complex symbolism in culture. A demonstration of sculptural expression and ingenuity. Marc is a really interesting artist and a very cool maker.

Polizzi, a well traveled Utica native, also commented on his involvement with local community projects as well as the necessity of the area to cultivate a sustainable maker culture. We agree!


⇑ Making in action! A MA Polizzi original, on the spot.  #branded

What could be better than a network of creative makers/thinkers/tinkerers collaborating and sharing their projects/ideas within a community?

Stay tuned for the full Meet the Maker interview and video at Sculpture Space with Marc-Anthony Polizzi. Also, look out for our social media accounts coming soon..

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